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Stellarium Console 2.0

Better control view of the sky (atmosphere, fog, landscape;
2.0 (See all)

Better control view of the sky (atmosphere, fog, landscape; constellation boundaries, lines and art images; astronomical grids);Possibility to launch audio or video, not just scripts as in 1.x version; video control is full: you can show videos in a full screen mode or not; you can flip and rotate them (90°, 180°, 270°, horizontal and vertical flip), play the whole video or just a little part of it (you are able to define the start and the duration); During playing, you can restart the video, pause it, and adjust the volume, use fast forward and rewind commands; New interface for the programmable events: now you can select time, date, location (on Earth or on any other planets) and an object (for example, a planet, a galaxy, a star or turn on a single contellation); you can zoom on this selected object. All of this, just clicking on a single button! Added Neptune flyby

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